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College Transcripts & Prerequisite Course Work

College or University Transcripts

Please arrange for your colleges and universities to send your official transcripts directly to VMCAS by September 2nd.  For more information about sending your transcripts in and transcript verification please visit www.aavmc.org.student and dogPrerequisite Course Work

You will be asked to indicate the courses you believe meet our prerequisite courses on the Cornell Supplemental Application.  There are two English courses and 10 science courses on our prerequisite course list.  Once we receive the official college transcripts from all the colleges/universities you have attended, we will verify the courses you listed and let you know the outcome on your tracking page. The forms below include our prerequisite course policies, the course listed with generic descriptions, and an optional prerequisite substitution form.  Links to the following (PDF) forms:

If you feel a course you have taken (or will take) meets one of our requirements, but the title of the course is not comparable to our title, you can submit a “Prerequisite Substitution Form” (link to form above).  You would submit this to the DVM Admissions Office with the course description or preferably, the syllabus so we can assess whether the course meets our requirement(s).  There is a recommended deadline of September 15th to get these forms in during the application process.  Including a copy of an unofficial transcript.