DVM Admissions




Cornell requires an academic evaluation and an evaluation from each animal experience listed on the Cornell Supplemental Application. Some students also like to provide an additional evaluation from a work experience not related to animals.  It is preferred that these evaluations be completed online through the VMCAS eLor system.  If you use all 6 VMCAS electronic letters of reference (eLor), then there is an optional Cornell evaluation system you can use directly from the Supplemental Application.

Note VMCAS requires a minimum of three evaluations to go through their application eLor system (they will take up to 6). The evaluations you provide through VMCAS should not be duplicated through the Cornell evaluation system

Guidelines for Evaluators

An academic evaluation from a faculty member or academic advisor is required for the application. This evaluation can come through the VMCAS eLor system or through the Cornell Supplemental Application (it need not be duplicated through both). We also require an evaluation for every animal/veterinary/biomedical research experience listed on the Cornell Supplemental Application. These can come through the VMCAS system or the Cornell Supplemental Application). Note, if you do not have an evaluation for an experience, you may list it on the VMCAS and we will review it there.

We have provided “Guidelines for Evaluators” that we encourage you to provide those writing you a letter. This assists them in knowing and understanding some areas of interest to the admissions committee.