DVM Admissions



Applications and Tracking Page

The application process typically begins in June, a year prior to enrolling.  There are two applications required for admission:

The VMCAS collects biographical data, academic information, animal experiences, veterinary experiences, evaluator information, and an essay.  There are three evaluations required to be sent electronically through this application called electronic letters of evaluation (eLor). The deadline for the VMCAS to be electronically submitted and completed evaluations is October 2, 2013 by 1:00 pm ET.

The Cornell Supplemental Application collects information regarding prerequisite course work, animal/ veterinary/ biomedical research experiences that will have letters of evaluation, and short answer statements.  The deadline for this application is October 15, 2013.  Along with the application being electronically submitted by the deadline, Cornell also requires all evaluations, official GRE or MCAT scores, and transcripts to be submitted by this deadline. 

The application instructions can be found on the following PDF:

Tracking Page

Once you begin your Cornell Supplemental Application a tracking page will be available for you to follow up on your application.  On the tracking page we will verify prerequisite courses completed and indicate when transcripts, evaluations, and standardized test scores come in.  This will allow you to follow up on missing documents to ensure your application is complete by the application deadline.